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How To Add Cartoon HD To Kodi & XBMC—FREE MOVIES

Stream Cartoons, Animation, Movies and TV Shows Fast Free and Easy

Step by step instructions on adding the Xunity Repo and installing Cartoon HD and Cartoon HD Extra to your Kodi or XBMC. Watch free tv shows and movies in HD quality. When we decide that we want to watch some of our favourite animations such as, the last thing we want is to be stuck with streams that don’t work properly. Thankfully, there are no more bad streams to weed through. One working link to every movie and tv show makes it fast and easy to find what what you want to watch and start playing immediately.

No More Bad Links or Non-Working Streams

One of the best things about Cartoon HD and Cartoon HD Extra are the lack of bad links or non-working streams. Every movie or tv show has one link to click on. From there a window opens up asking what resolution you want to stream in. Usually you have three choices, 480p, 720p and 1080p. Surprisingly, even the 1080p streams load fast and don’t have buffering issues. I’ve been watching Cartoon HD Extra for the past week and I’ve only found one bad stream.