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How to Add Kodi Shortcut To Fire TV Stick 2018

How to Add Kodi Shortcut to Fire TV Stick 2018

Now that Firestarter no longer works with Amazon’s devices, you may be wondering how to add Kodi shortcut to Fire TV Stick 2018. Not too long ago, you had to install Ikono TV from the Amazon app store and then sideload Llama. From there you had to install a bunch of settings to get Ikono TV to link to Kodi Then you could launch from the Fire TV home screen.

After a number of software updates, the Ikono TV hack no longer worked. We were forced to launch the old-fashioned way by navigating to System>Manage Applications and launch Kodi from there. Shortly after, Firestarter came along allowing a completely new launch screen. All of your sideloaded apps could be easily launched with one click. It worked great, but low and behold, Firestarter was disabled by Amazon and we were once again forced to launch Kodi the long and tedious way as described above.

Easily add Kodi Shortcut to Amazon Fire TV Favorites

With Amazon’s Fire TV update, version and newer can now display icons from side loaded apps right on the Fire TV home screen without any additional hacks or apps. The problem is, most of us have had Kodi installed on our Fire TV for quite some time. Because of that, the icon is pushed way down the line of apps, videos and tv shows we’ve used on the Fire TV. Follow these directions for bringing the Kodi icon back to your main home screen.

  1. From your Fire TV home screen, go to Home>Recent
  2. Keep scrolling the list of icons to the right until you finally see the Kodi icon. This may take awhile depending on the number of apps you have.
  3. When you finally land on the Kodi icon, select Add to Favorites and then launch Kodi.
  4. Kodi shortcut icon will now appear in the first spot on your Amazon Fire TV home screen. It will also be in your favorites as well.

So there you have it, a fast and easy way to add Kodi shortcut to Fire TV Stick 2016. If you have any questions, please post them below in the comments section.

add kodi shortcut to Fire TV stick 2016