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Ares Wizard Not Working? Install the Newest Addons for Kodi

Install the add-ons from Ares Wizard Separately

Ares Wizard has gone through growing pains the past few years. It was once the best Kodi wizard ever, but then they got shut down. If you want to install specific video add-ons that you used from the old Ares Wizard, we recommend using GitHub Browser for the latest video add-ons available for Kodi. Most developers have moved to this decentralized method to avoid being shut down. This process isn’t as easy as the wizard, but we break it down so it’s easy to follow.

However, if you’re not using a VPN, you’re going to have buffering issues and server errors. ISP’s block your IP from being able to access some content. There’s a thousand reasons to be using a VPN 100% of the time you are online. If you’re streaming or downloading you ABSOLUTELY must use a VPN.

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Ares Wizard is Working on Kodi Matrix, Leia and Krypton (No Video Add-Ons)

Ares Wizard is back, kind of. This time around Ares Wizard is going legit. So that mean no more video add-ons. Which, let’s face it, that was the only reason we used Ares Wizard to begin with. You could install the Ares Wizard Program add-on and with one click and you could have the 20 best video add-ons ready to stream TV shows, movies and live sports in minutes.

Nonetheless, Ares Wizard is back and you can use it for a number of system, cache and buffer settings.

  • Buffering and Cache Optimizing
  • Fix Kodi Buffering Issues
  • Fix Cache Issues
  • ISP Speed Testing
  • Backup all of Your Kodi Data
  • Optimize Your Kodi and System Performance

Follow these instructions for installing the new Ares Wizard on Kodi Leia and Krypton:

  • Open Kodi on your device.
  • Go to System Settings and enable Unknown Sources. Return to Kodi Home.
  • Open File Manager and then select Add Source
  • Select <None> and then enter either or an alternative is
  • Name it New Ares Wizard 2019 then select OK
  • Return to Kodi Home.
  • Select Add-Ons
  • Click on the Open Box icon at the top of the screen (package installer)
  • Click Install From Zip and the select Ares Repo
  • Click on
  • Let Ares Wizard install, you’ll see a notification appear when it’s completed.
  • Return to Kodi Home then go to Program Add-Ons
  • Clicking on Ares Project will launch the new Ares Wizard.

The following method for installing Ares Wizard no longer works because Ares Wizard has been shut down.


Open Kodi Krypton and select the System icon at the top

On the next screen select File Manager


Double click on Add Source to open up a new dialogue window


In the new dialogue window click on <None>


Type in the path to the Ares repo and click OK


Then type in the name you want to give this, we used Ares. Click OK when you’re done


Now go back to your home screen (you can do this by clicking in the top left corner of your Kodi window a few times)

Select Add-ons in the left menu


Select the blue open box icon at the top of Add-ons


Choose Install from Zip File


If you haven’t already done this, you will be told that installation of add-ons from unknown sources is disabled.

Click on the Settings button


Click on the toggle witch to turn on Unknown Sources


A warning message will appear, select Yes


Now go back to the previous step and select Install from Zip file again. Select the Ares link and click OK


Select and click ok


Let Ares Project install and wait for the confirmation message


Now click on Install from Repository


Select the Ares Project to open it up


Choose the folder marked Program add-ons


Select Ares Wizard


In the new window that appears, click on Install


Choose Version 0.0.65 Ares Project


Wait for that to install and then go back to your Kodi Krypton home screen and open Program add-ons. Click on Ares Wizard


Be patient, Ares Wizard takes 30 seconds or so to load


And there you have it. Ares Wizard is installed.




Next Steps:

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