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Watch NFL Sunday Ticket Games on Firestick Live With Kodi 2022-2023 Season

You can stream and watch 2022-2023 NFL Sunday Ticket games on your Amazon Firestick with Kodi and a simple hack. Kodi is a media player that can be installed on many devices such as an Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Apple TV, PC’s, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Fire tablets and more. In fact, Kodi is the most popular video player for streaming.

Follow our 3-step guide to jailbreak your Firestick and FireTV and install Kodi for Free NFL

Instant Links to Live NFL Games:

Wait! Before you start streaming NFL games with the links below, you need a VPN! Keep reading our article to know the reasons why you 100% need a VPN. We recommend IPVanish for the best speeds and anonymous streaming. it only takes a minute, and then you can stream the football games.

LIVE: 2022-2023 Live NFL Streams — All Games

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The magic of Kodi comes from the 3rd party developers who create add-ons. Once you’ve installed an add-on, a lot of these plugins provide live links to stream every NFL football game. So follow our guides below to hack your firestick, we’ve got the insider information to show you the best places to watch your favorite NFL team online every week.

Why do I need a VPN to stream NFL football online?

You Need a VPN to Stream Anything on Kodi Because it Hides Your IP Address

Fellow Kodi streamers, if you haven’t received a violation notice from your internet service provider for streaming NFL Sunday Ticket, courtesy of the NFL IP Lawyers, then it’s just a matter of time before you do. 


You can read the whole violation letter here.

Thousands of Kodi users are being served cease and dissent letters every day, regarding their illegal streaming, and watching NFL games on Firestick and other media devices without authority. Kodi users have constant issues streaming sports and movies because they’re not using a VPN. VPN’s are absolutely necessary for streaming NFL games with Kodi. 

The best one out there is IPVanish. IPvanish hides your IP address and your identity when you’re online. This effectively prevents your internet service provider from spying on what you are doing online. In addition, this prevents them from throttling your download speeds and blocking network connections.

ISP’s block access to servers streaming NFL copyrighted content. VPN’s prevent them from knowing what servers you are accessing so you don’t get annoying server errors, buffering issues, and violation notices from exposing your IP address. Hide your identity online, get faster streaming and access blocked servers with a VPN from IPvanish. Do this before you do anything else.

How can I stream blackout NFL games and Redzone?

Stream NFL Sunday Ticket on Firestick 2021-2022 All Games No Blackouts on FuboTV

Besides watching NFL Sunday Ticket on your Firestick, another great option for streaming every game in the 2021-2022 NFL season is to sign-up for a trial. This will give you instant access to the best NFL streaming service and it’s available on all major devices including Amazon Firestick, FireTV, AppleTV, iPhone, iPad and all Android devices.

FuboTV has ramped up their sports package this year, adding the NFL Network and Redzone. You also get access to watch local NFL games without a cable subscription and you will have no black-outs based on location.

The NFL Redzone is also available without cable on Fubo.TV, whereas in the past it has been exclusive to DirecTV and Cox. Once you subscribe you can stream your local NFL games on Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android, and iOS.

Watch NFL Free on FuboTV

Here’s a sample of the channels you can now stream online with FuboTV:

Watch free live NFL football games with Kodi and Joker Sports

How to Install Joker Sports Live Video Add-On and Watch NFL on Kodi

Joker Sports NFL Sunday Ticket on Firestick and FireTV

Joker Sports is the newest way to watch NFL on Kodi. Other Kodi add-ons like SportsDevil and UK Turks List are pretty much dead. It’s unfortunate because Sports Devil used to be the best way to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on Firestick and Fire TV. That’s why SportsDevil has been around for so long, it always had a strong cult following. There’s a lot of NFL fans who can’t watch their team play locally because of regional games or blackouts. That’s what made watching NFL Sunday Ticket on a hacked firestick so amazing. Most of the time you were watching games that you would never be able to see any other way.

In addition, Ares Wizard has been shut down along with every other major Kodi add-on repository. Like SportsDevil, Ares Wizard was also one of the best ways to watch NFL on Kodi. Luckily, Kodi developers have evolved and you can now get the best live NFL sports add-ons like Joker Sports for Kodi, with the Git Hub add-on.

GitHub doesn’t have a centralized repository like SportsDevil and Ares Wizard, and this prevents the Kodi video add-ons from being taken down by authorities. Kodi developers are able to compile their code from multiple users into their GitHub add-on. This makes updating add-ons in Kodi much easier so that we always have the newest and best streaming add-ons for NFL games. To find Kodi add-ons, search for GitHub usernames on google and use the list to find the video add-ons you need. We have everything outlined step-by-step in the links below.

How do I Install Git Browser to Stream NFL Sunday Ticket?

Follow our guides below to install Git browser and Joker Sports For NFL Sunday Ticket on Firestick.

Easily install Git Browser to Kodi

Install Joker Sports to Kodi

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Install Ares Wizard to your Kodi by following this easy guide here

Open Ares Wizard in Program Add-Ons. Once Ares Wizard has loaded, click on Browse Add-ons. Scroll down to the new and working SportsDevil and install it. SportsDevil will also install all of its dependencies to work properly.

Open SportsDevil by going to Video>Add-Ons>SportsDevil>Live Sports

Sportsdevil for Free NFL Sunday Ticket

Watch all NFL Games on Kodi with SportsDevil

SportsDevil is the best place to watch all NFL games on Kodi including the Superbowl. They’re a huge aggregator of links for streaming sports like the NFL, UFC, WWE, MLB, NBA and more. The tricky part is weeding through all of the various links and streams to find ones that actually work well. You’ll become more familiar with the various link types as you play around and see what works.

A lot of streams are unreliable and will drop off every few minutes or not work at all. That’s the price we pay for not paying a price$. Other streams are extremely strong and will have high definition with a strong stream. Follow our expert advice below for how to Watch NFL on SportsDevil.

Best Streams on SportsDevil for NFL Games and the SuperBowl

NFL on Kodi Free American Football
  • VipBox.TV
  • American Football
  • American Football

These sports stream aggregators tend to be the most reliable when it comes to watching NFL games for free on Kodi. When you log on, it’s recommended to try out each of these to see which one has the most reliable, and best quality streams on game day. Once you open each stream aggregator, click on American Football or Now Playing from game day. Once you’re there you will see a listing of each NFL game being streamed.


How to Watch Live Sunday Ticket Football on Firestick

Most of the times listed are east coast times, so be mindful of that. When you click on the NFL game you want to watch, a window with a list of live game streams will show up. It’s usually best to start with the stream on the bottom of the list, as that is the one that is most recently added and gives you a way better chance of finding a great stream sooner than later. This isn’t a 100% proven method, but for the majority of the time this rule works best.

How to watch nfl Redzone on kodi firestick