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Tweakbox App Download iOS and Android Free Spotify

Tweakboxapp 2020 Features for iOS and Android

Tweakbox has quickly become the best alternative, 3rd-party App Store.


Installing app-stores like Tweakbox used to be much more difficult for iPhone owners. For example, the process used to require you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad and install Cydia. Now, it’s much easier to just sideload Tweakbox on an iOS or Android operating systems.

You can install the tweakbox app in minutes and unlock access to download thousands of free apps and games. These free iPhone apps and games are built by trusted 3rd party developers. Reviews of the 3rd party apps are supported by the Tweakbox reddit community, which helps identify and eliminate bad apps.

Since its launch in 2018, Tweakbox has quickly become the best alternative, 3rd-party App Store. Even outpacing the growth of its more mature competitor, Cydia. In the process, Cydia has become as obsolete as the need to hack your operating system. Jailbreaking your iPhone’s operating system isn’t the smartest thing to do anyway. You risk bricking your phone and voiding your warranty. One look at the History of the iPhone, would give you an idea into how Apple has worked continuously over the years to evolve the security system of the phone, along with its other features.

Developers have create a better alternative. Follow the tweakbox download instruction guide below to quickly sideload to your iPhone and iPad.

Tweakbox App iOS Installation Guide 2020

The current installation process works for Tweakbox iOS 12 and Tweatbox iOS 13. Before you start, make sure you have the passcode for the iPhone or iPad that you are installing Tweakbox on. You’ll need to enter it half-way through the installation process. This guide works on iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5, and the non-plus versions as well.

Step 1: Firstly, navigate to Tweakbox online at the website in Safari from your iPhone or iPad. When the Tweatboxapp website loads, click Install Now to start the installation.


Step 2: On the next screen that loads, you’ll see a countdown message in the middle of two huge ads. Don’t touch anything, and wait a few seconds while Twakbox begins downloading. The screen will advance on its own when the installation file has been downloaded.


Step 3: Once the installation file has downloaded to your iPhone or iPad, you’ll see a new dialogue box open. This is the Tweakbox app install profile. Before you continue, make sure that your signed and verified. Next, click Install in the upper right hand corner to continue.


After that, wait for Tweakbox to finish installing the profile. You’ll see the installation progress at the top of the systems window.


Step 4: When the installation has finished, tap the Done button in the top right corner.

Profile Installation Complete

Tweakbox Android Installation Guide 2020

How do I install Tweakbox to my Android device? The Tweakbox Apk 1 for Android is currently not available. There have been some hackers in the community who have attempted to sideload a modified tweakbox apk to their android devices, without success.

The developers at are currently working on an Android version with an un-announced release date. Check back soon as we will keep this article updated with news about a 2020 Android APK pre-release.

Stream free movies and TV with Kodi and a VPN from IPVanish

How to Use Tweakbox

Most importantly, launch Tweakbox and Kodi with your VPN running in the background.

TweakBox features music streaming apps, games, utility apps, cleanup tools, emulators, and more. Most importantly, TweaBox has over 3,000 games and apps in 4 major categories:

  1. AppStore Apps (Free Apple appstore apps)
  2. Tweakbox Apps (Popcorn Time, Kodi, torrents)
  3. Tweaked Apps (Normal apps that have been hacked and modified. Snapchat, Tik Tok, WhatsApp, Instagram)
  4. Hacked games (These are paid games you can find in the Apple App Store, but you can get them for free here)

One of the most popular downloads from tweakbox is Kodi. Kodi would normally require you to jailbreak your iOS before installation. With the amazing 3rd party App Store in Tweckbox, you can quickly download the latest version of Kodi to your iPhone and iPad.

In addition to tweaked games like PokeGo++, Pokemon Go++ and Mario Run++, there are thousands of popular tweaked apps to download such as Netflix++, Spotify++, Instagram++, Snapchat++, Pandora++, WhatsApp++ and Videostar++ download.

Set Your Permissions

Most of the games and apps require permissions to install. If you haven’t adjusted your iPhone or iPad settings, you won’t be able to install anything. Follow these steps to allow apps from unknown developers :

  • In your iPhone or iPad open Settings
  • Select General
  • Select Profiles and Device Management
  • Underneath Enterprise App, click the text shown below
  • Select Trust and then select Trust again

Is Tweatbox Safe?

You’re not alone if you’re skeptical of downloading and installing Tweakbox to your phone. Rest assured though, Tweakbox is safe and the developers stand by their security measures by guaranteeing you will not be infected with malware from the apps available in their store.

To combat spyware and viruses, they have automated bots tracking the apps available on Tweak box. In addition, there are manual trackers involved in the community that will red flag any offending apps on its platform.

Spotify on Tweakbox

If your iPhone won’t download Spotify with the old 2019 version, go to and upgrade to the current 2020 release. Next, search for Spotify ++ and it should install to your iphone now.

Most importantly, launch the app with your VPN running.

The new tweaked Spotify app lets you stream unlimited music without commercial interruptions, but you need a VPN. Without a VPN, your ISP and your phone carrier will block access to the 3rd-party streaming apps. They’ve identified severs that are potentially streaming copyrighted content and have banned their IP addresses. Using a VPN makes your IP and MAC address anonymous and therefore your ISP is unable to track you, opening the door to streaming premium music on Spotify++. Also, VPNs can work efficiently on PCs and might unblock Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming providers so you can watch series or movies that are not available in your country.

What’s a Good Alternative to Tweakbox?

If you want something other than Tweakbox, there are a few of them out there. Some popular alternatives are Emus4U, vShare, TuTuAPP and AppValley. However, from our testing, we would recommend only using Tweak Box as your 3rd party App Store because of the level of security provided.