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How to Watch New TV Shows FREE Without Cable

Get All of Your Favorite TV Shows Commercial Free Without Cable

Free-TV-Shows-2Who needs to rent a DVR & cable box and pay premium service subscriptions when you can access your favorite television shows, minutes after they air, for free. If you are wondering about what to watch, and want to find something new to you, you may want to check out websites such as to see what is out there. Mashup on Kodi (XBMC) has an excellent engine that collects the most recent TV shows uploaded online and puts it in a nice, easy-to-scan list to access any time you want to veg out in front of the TV. Mashup has a lot of aggregated media and lots of different ways of navigating, which can be a little overwhelming. Here are the best and easiest ways to find the most TV shows.

STEP 1. You’ll need to have Kodi or XBMC installed. Follow the directions on Installing Kodi or XBMC to get your computer, AppleTV or mobile device, setup with properly.

STEP 2. Next you’ll need to have the add-on Mashup installed, you can download it here MASHUP ADD-ON XBMC. Open Mashup once your ready.

STEP 3. Click on TV Latest and on the next screen select Latest Episodes (TubePlus)

Mashup-TV-Latest Mashup-latest-episodes-tubeplus

STEP 4. Wait for a few seconds while Mashup gathers the newest TV Shoes from TubePlus. Once the list shows up you’ll see the most recent show on the top and trails in descending, chronological order. Selecting the show you want will take you to a new list list of all of the streams available for that particular show. Find a working stream and voila! free, and commercial free, television.

Mashup-Tubeplus-tvshows Mashup-Family-Guy-streams Mashup-tubeplus-familyguy

What’s the Best Source For The Latest TV?

In my opinion TubePlus has the superior indexing and meta tagging which makes finding any television show super easy, and super accurate. TubePlus is also the most thorough, when it comes to finding complete seasons and series of any television show. I’ve even found old obscure shows on there that I never expected to locate. That being said, WatchSeries and iWatchOnline are both great runner-ups. Often times, it’ll come down to which gets uploaded to first. You can compare the screenshots to see the order each show was uploaded depending on the source. watchseries-tvshows

Enjoy Your TV Shows

So there you go. The easiest way to find the most recent tv shows online, absolutely free. Though these services do have their limitations and may go down sometime in the future as the rules around TV streaming are changed (and they’re always changing). If that is ever the case, then it’s time to look for the best Dish TV packages and save yourself some money that way. For the moment though, you have all the TV shows you want on demand. If you do not wish to go down this route or find it a bit of a hassle, then don’t worry. You can still access a ton of shows on streaming services if you know how to unblock BBC iPlayer (hint: use a VPN) or other platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, or any others on which you wish to begin your binge watching shenanigans!

The best part about streaming apps like Kodi or XBMC is that they’re all commercial-free (at the time of writing) and you don’t have to do any fast-forwarding with a slow, unresponsive DVR. No more risk of forwarding too far and having to rewind, or not going far enough and getting stuck watching your local news while you wait for the next show to come on.

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